Become a storytelling hero.

In 2020 we codified everything we have done in coaching Microsoft, Google, BASF, Hitachi, Salesforce and 100+ accelerators into the AmplifyMe app. So now you can plug us into your teams, creating storytelling heroes in 3 hours, 33 minutes.

An employee is always pitching.

Wherever they are on their career journey, whatever audience they face (internal or external), they must be able to crystallise the value they and their company bring to the world. 

According to Mckinsey, Leaders must invite their people into a "company-wide conversation" to "improve agility and performance of teams and the business". 

AmplifyMe enables that company wide conversation. By the end of the journey, every employee will be able to deliver the:

  • 10 second Headline
  • 30 second Elevator Pitch
  • Compelling Customer Story

Being able to land these three stories will enable every employee to bring their purpose to work everyday.

Our secret sauce is combining storytelling + science.

How it works.

It's like drip feeding storytelling into your brain and body:

  • 1


    AmplifyLive: a one hour high-energy kick off session on importance of storytelling.

    • Get a License Code and unlock the bespoke AmplifyMe app. 
  • 2


    Digital training delivered by Amplify on:

    Creating a powerful beginning

    Using picture and emotion

    Framing the customer (internal + external audiences) as the hero

    Ending with a call to action.

  • 3

    Live Feedback from a coach AND audience member!

    Every user will be:

    • Trained digitally on presentation technique, posture, breathing, and voice; how to connect with the audience and bring energy.

    Depending on license, the user will then upload a 2 minute elevator pitch and:

    • Get Amplify Coach feedback
    • Get brutally honest audience feedback
  • 4


    The training may be finished for that day, but the embedding does not stop there:

    - Take on a series of questions and tasks.

    - Reach 100% on owning the techniques for yourself

  • 5

    Live Pitch Arena: 'The Box'

    In a live 2 hour coaching session, Amplify will train your people to take the story of their customer hero's journey and deliver it with presence and impact.

    • Hour One: coached on energy, delivery and story, giving and receiving feedback, becoming excellent at telling stories
    • Hour Two: pitch against each other to become a true storytelling hero. Led by Amplify, there will be a series of pitching obstacles from them to overcome (which may include a little bit of digital KungFu!)

  • 6

    Ongoing Community

    The storytelling hero will now be able to join AmplifyClub to access a community of storytellers from across industries + attend webinars for the remaining months on the license. 

    For Amplify Hero, everyone will also receive an hour's worth of 1-2-1 Executive Coaching.

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Content and pricing. 


User license (3 month access)


User license (3 month access)


User license (3 month access)
Story, posture, breathing, voice training
✓ Powered by Amplify
✓ Whitelabelled + company specific for 'The Box
✓ Whitelabelled + company specific for 'The Box'
Progress Tracker
Video Coaching + Audience Feedback
✓ 2 upload per user
✓ 2 uploads per user, per month
Live Coaching in 'The Box'
Access to AmplifyClub
1-2-1 Executive (50 min per session) Coaching

From good to GREAT.

Matty was able to slay his dragon by transforming the story, making the problem come ALIVE and sharpening his content and delivery.

Get your bespoke coaching app today.

We will work with you to create your content, track your employees and create storytelling heroes.
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